The Science of Lean Operations – Identify and alleviate bottlenecks in your process

In this highly collaborative learning experience, you’ll learn how to master and implement the practice of Lean Six Sigma and put your company on the right road to world-class lean operations. Designed for managers, consultants and others involved in operations, this program focuses on how to optimize your organization’s costs, quality, speed and customer service to significantly impact your bottom line.

Under the guidance of senior Kellogg faculty you’ll explore frameworks for diagnosing, improving and designing effective processing systems. Through real-world case studies, group workshops and computer-simulation models, you’ll heighten your understanding of the science of lean operations and identify strategies for increasing throughput, shortening flow time, reducing variability and improving quality. You’ll leave equipped to alleviate bottlenecks, design effective systems and use the right metrics to operate a world-class organization.

Source: kellogg northwestern university

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